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Saturday, March 14, 2020


This has been an interesting week!  Just about everything is uncertain right now with COVID-19 . We want to discuss two things regarding estate planning:

1) We are Prepared to Remain Open and Serve Our Clients During The Crisis

At Krupp & Krupp we remain concerned and vigilant regarding  COVID-19. We want to let you know that we are monitoring the situation daily. Our disaster preparedness plan is in place (yes, we have one), and we will, if necessary, work remotely to serve our clients.

At this time no one in our office (and none of our immediate family members) is symptomatic.  Like everyone else, we are practicing “social distancing” to the greatest possible extent.  Our office and meeting rooms are large enough that we can keep a distance of several feet.  We have instituted procedures so that surfaces in our office (conference room tables, door knobs, etc) are disenfected regulary throughout the day.

Also, we are available to arrange nearly all our meetings by webcam or phone if a client would prefer that.

You may be wondering, “What about signing documents?  Don’t I have to come to your office for that?”  Ideally, our clients will come to our office to sign their estate planning documents.  However, we have come up with some creative ways so that our clients do not have to be in our office, or even in the same room with us, to sign documents.  Again, we are only doing this if absolutely necessary.

2) Do Not Let This Crisis Prevent Proper Planning

Procrastination kills the best thought-out plans.  If you needed an estate plan before anyone heard of the coronavirus, you still need one now.   If you have a loved facing the financial devastation of nursing home costs, we can still help to protect your loved one’s home and savings.   We will work through whatever restrictions might get in the way to serve our clients.  Please do not let this situation be the reason that you do nothing.

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